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Vincennes home with small yard!

Buyer needs a 2-3 bedroom home in Vincennes, small yard, under $85,000. Buyer N.R.
Realtor: Jan Parsons 


Looking for a property to make into a unique restaurant style business. Buyer: P.M.
Realtor: Heath Klein 

Ranch home

Client is looking for a nice ranch home setting at the edge of town with a nice sized yard. Up to $225,000. Buyer: D.M.
Realtor: Tyler Simmons 

3 or 4 bedroom home

Buyer is looking for a 3 or 4 bedroom home built in 2010 or newer with 3 baths, one and a half or two story home with a basement. Buyer: G.O.
Realtor: Heath Klein 

5+ Acre Property

Buyer is looking for a home with 5+ acres in the Knox County Area. Priced up to $650,000. Buyer: S.G.
Realtor: Heath Klein 

2 or 3 Bedroom Home

Buyer wanting to move to Vincennes! Hoping to find a one level, 2-3 bedroom, attached garage or garage/carport in close proximity to the house. under $150,000. Buyer C.B.
Realtor: Jan Parsons 

1 to 5 Acres

on the Wabash or White River on Indiana or Illinois side. Up to $5,000 an acre. Buyer D.S.
Realtor: Tyler Simmons 

1 Level Home

1 level home with 2 bedrooms or 1 bedroom and den. up to $150,000. Buyer: J.L.
Realtor: Heath Klein 

Suburbia Vincennes

Client is looking for a 4 bedroom home in suburbia Vincennes! Decent size yard and over 2,500 sq. ft. are a must! Buyer: S.W.
Realtor: Tyler Simmons 

Residential and Multi Family Pro

Buyer is looking for investment type single family or multi family properties. Buyer: S.H.
Realtor: Heath Klein 

Looking for Vincennes Location

Looking for a 3 bedroom home that is move in ready. County location preferred but in town is a possibility. Buyer: Z.P.
Realtor: Heath Klein 


I feel like I made a lifetime friend with Jan!
Pam Kershner

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Frequently asked questions

What is the Difference between Sale Price & Assessment?
Here is one of the most commonly asked questions at Assessment Notice time: We recently purchased a property, why is it assessed at a different price then the purchase price? This could be due to a couple of reason: First, the motivation of the buyers and sellers can affect sale price. Therefore, when very similar properties are sold during the same time frame, a range of sale prices can result. The market value assessment reflects sales in the middle of this range of prices. As a result, the assessment could be higher or lower than a specific selling price. Second, market values may have changed between valuation day and the date you made your purchase. For example, in some areas, market values have increased since January 1. If this has happened in your area and you  have only recently purchased your property, it is possible that your assessment, while representative of your type of home 3 or 4 months ago, will be lower than your purchase price. The purpose of the assessment roll is not to reflect a single sale price, but to assess all properties at market value on the same valuation date, so that taxation is fairly and uniformly shared.

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