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2+ Acres

Buyer is looking for edge of Town property with 2+ acres up to $150,000. Buyer: T.L.
Realtor: Cameron Engstrom 

1 Level Ranch

Looking for a 1 level ranch in Vincennes with a garage. Buyers: L. & S. R.
Realtor: Heath Klein 

Home with 2-7 Acres

3 bedrooms, 2 baths, can be in Vincennes or Monroe City Area. Buyer P.E.
Realtor: Heath Klein 

4 Bedrooms

Buyer is looking for a 4 bedroom home up to $230,000. Buyer: L.W.
Realtor: Beth Hicks 

North Knox School District

Property up to $400,000 in the Knox County area. Buyer D.B.
Realtor: Judy Massey 

2,000 to 3,000 sq. ft.

of living space with in ground pool. Price point of $200,000 to $300,000. Buyer J.K.
Realtor: Tyler Simmons 

One Level Home

3 bedrooms, 2 baths with approx. 1,500 to 2,000 sq. ft. up to $150,000. Buyer M & B.C.
Realtor: Beth Hicks 

Lawrence County, IL

2 or 3 bedroom, move in ready, garage, yard, preferably Sumner IL or surrounding area in Lawrence Co. Buyer: K.W.
Realtor: Jan Parsons 

1-2 Bedroom Home

Home with minimal work needed to be used as a rental up to $50,000. Buyer: E.S.
Realtor: Heath Klein 

Edge of Town

Buyer looking for newer home (built 1990 or newer), 1 level preferred but they would consider multi levels. Edge of town location up to $250,000. Buyer: D & T M
Realtor: Beth Hicks 

1 to 5 Acres

on the Wabash or White River on Indiana or Illinois side. Up to $5,000 an acre. Buyer D.S.
Realtor: Tyler Simmons 

North Knox Area

Home with little or no updates needed, priced up to $165,000. Buyer D.H.
Realtor: Heath Klein 

Edge of Town or Country Setting

Looking for 2-3 bedroom home with 2 full baths, open floor plan, attached garage, large yard, privacy, edge of town or country setting in Vincennes or Monroe City, up to $230,000. Buyer: T.R.
Realtor: Jan Parsons 

North Knox Schools

Looking for a home in the Bicknell area, North Knox Schools up to $130,000. Buyer: R.T.
Realtor: Judy Massey 

3-4 Bedrooms

Up to $175,000 with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2,000 to 2,500 sq. ft. Buyer E. & L. S.
Realtor: Beth Hicks 

Wheatland/Monroe City Area

Client looking for a home in the Wheatland/Monroe City area in the $200,000 to $250,000 range. Buyer: J.H.
Realtor: Tyler Simmons 

South Knox School District

Buyer looking for a 3 bedroom home up to $150,000 in the South Knox School district. Buyer: E.N.
Realtor: Heath Klein 

Move In Ready!

Client is looking for a nice move in ready home in Knox County up to $50,000. Buyer: B.S.
Realtor: Tyler Simmons 

One Level

2 bedrooms, 1 bath in Vincennes all on one level and up to $100,000. Buyer: J.S.
Realtor: Beth Hicks 

5 Bedroom Home

Client is looking for a 5 bedroom home in Vincennes up to $425,000. Buyer: B.W.
Realtor: Judy Massey 

Newer Built Home

Would like a 4 bedroom home, newer build and priced up to $350,000. Buyer: B.T.
Realtor: Tyler Simmons 

Historic Home

Buyer is looking for an older historic style home with wood floors and trim. 2 Bedrooms, bath, small yard. Buyer: J.B.
Realtor: Karen Goodman 

Wooded Land

50-100 acres of wooded land for hunting & fishing. Buyer: K.E.
Realtor: Beth Hicks 


Looking for a 2+ bedroom home with garage, gas forced air heating and on one level. Buyer: W.M.
Realtor: Heath Klein 

South Knox School District

Looking for home on 3-4 acres up to $300,000 in the South Knox School District. Buyer: E.L.
Realtor: Judy Massey 

4 Bedrooms with 2 Baths

Client is seeking a 4 bedroom, 2 bath home near Hwy 41 between Terre Haute and Vincennes. Buyer: J.F.
Realtor: Karen Goodman 


My husband and I appreciated the integrity shown by Judy Massey. In this day and age of too much dog eats dog, we found Judy to be a breath of fresh air and down to earth!
Reid and Linda Mosher

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Before offering to issue a title insurance policy, a title company will do a title search to learn whether there are any problems or limitations with the title. This search is done in an effort to minimize the risks of offering insurance. By minimizing the risks of claims being made, a title insurance company is able to offer its insurance policies for a relatively low, one-time fee. Problems such as deeds, wills, and/or trusts that contain improper vesting and incorrect names, outstanding mortgages, judgments, and tax liens, easements, or incorrect notary acknowledgments are generally found through the title search and usually can be cleared up before the closing on the property.

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